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Thursday, June 16, 2005

SPAM! I hate SPAM!

NOTE- In the previous post, I noted that I had emailed in a post. And now, several hours later, it still has not arrived, so I have reprinted it here and posted it the "normal" way. I suspect, now that I consider it, that using the title above as an email subject line might just have had something to do with my email not getting through to Blogger.

Now, on with the post...

Ya know, I work on a military installation. There are very highly skilled people who manage the computer networks and servers and send out nasty emails about not streaming music on your computer and blocking our ability to shop for guns on or visit Kim Du Toit's blog from our cubicles.

Doesn't it seem reasonable that if they can block me from shopping EBay or sending funny video files to my friends, without the required change to the file extension so that it appears I am sending PowerPoint briefings, that these experts should also be able to keep the cheap mortgage, prescription pill and sexual enhancement offers from coming in to my email?

Good Grief!

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